The fig fruit is extremely rich in minerals, vitamins and fibres that may give you many health benefits.

Figs are pear-shaped hollow fruits, with sugary pulp along with a large number of small seeds of golden color. They’re seasonal fruits that are present in Western parts of Asia. Figs is one of the mulberry family. Figs have smooth skin, crunchy seeds and chewy pulp that tastes excellent and they are very healthy also.

Benefits Of Figs

Benefits Of Figs

The fig fruit is extremely rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers that may give you many health benefits. The small fruit has a good content of vit a, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphate, sodium, potassium and chlorine that may do wonders to cure your health related problems.

You can peel them and eat them beyond control, use them to make jam or add these to ice cream or baked goods. Fresh figs aren’t always available year-round, but dried figs are relatively simple to find. Although figs may provide some health benefits, treatment associated with a medical condition with figs relies only on traditional use and never on scientific evidence.

 Health Benefits of Figs

Figs is really a fruit that everyone must eat. Figs are variable in dimensions and color. The ripe fresh fruits are juicy, wholesome and delicious. However, being highly perishable, figs can be purchased in the market in its dry form.

Lowers blood pressure

Figs are great fruit for those suffering from high blood pressure. It’s generally advised for individuals suffering from high blood pressure to increase consumption of potassium in their diet. Figs are full of potassium and minerals that can help to control hypertension. It’s been found in researches that individuals who consume good levels of potassium have lower blood pressure compared to those who consume less potassium.


Taken either fresh or dried, the fig is undoubtedly a dependable laxative due to its large cellulose content and it is tough skin. The tiny seeds within the fruit possess the property of stimulating peristaltic or wave like movements of intestines which facilitates easy evacuation of faeces and keeps the alimentary canal clean.

Works well for weight management

Figs are very full of dietary fibres. Therefore, they’re a perfect option for people who want to loss weight. A high fibre diet helps you to slow down the digestion and cuts your hunger.

Controls hypertension

High salt intake and minimum potassium consumption, constitutes a person susceptible to high blood pressure. It’s a well known fact that potassium rich foods assistance to prevent high blood pressure. Sodium levels in figs are extremely low but their potassium submissions are very high. That’s why figs are perfect to prevent and manage hypertension effectively.

Guards against post-menopausal breast cancer

Research indicates that regular consumption of figs helps in reducing the chance of post-menopausal breast cancer by approximately 34 percent. Therefore, many doctors back the concept to increase intake of figs in menopausal women.

Health-Benefits-Of-FigsStrengthen sbone

Figs are full of calcium and minerals which will help to promote bone density. Potassium submissions are very high in figs therefore regular consumption of figs can also help to prevent lack of urinary calcium that is caused by high-salt diet. Hence, you have to ensure to eat figs for stronger bones.

Anti-diabetic effects

So what can be better news for diabetics that they’ll now eat something sweet without having to worry about their sugar levels? Figs have anti-diabetic properties to help you to lower your blood sugar level. Researches have discovered that if a person takes fig leaves extract on empty stomach every day, then it can lower the blood sugar levels level significantly.

Treats heart disease

Studies have shown that daily use of figs can lower triglyceride levels within the blood. Triglycerides are the main type of fats (they are also referred to as ugly fat cells) that go around in the blood. Higher triglyceride levels within the blood can give rise to obesity and lots of heart problems.